Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Qingdao, China

A very cool card from China.

My first received signs' card is here...and so far my favourite so far....
This one here is extra cool as well, and comes from Qingdao, the city which during the 29th Olympic games was the host to the Olympic Sailing competitions. The signs posts on the card point to all the directions in the world where the sister cities of Qingdao are located, specifying their geographic positions and distances from Qingdao.
Anyone wanna take a guess which of these sister cities is highest on my list? Its not that should know by now :)

three nice Chinese stamps where the first one dates back from 1992, issued in a set of two, representing the year of the monkey....hey thats me thats me!!! I wonder if the sender really knew this or this was by a lucky chance.
The second stamp is from 2004, from a set of 4, under the subject of New year Taohuawu, while the last stamp is from 1998 from a sheet of 8, representing fish
Im extremely thankful to the Chinese for printing the years on the stamps in a language I can understand


Dani said...

Qingdao или Tsingdao (поради изговор) е пивото кое го пие цела кина скоро..како наше скопско..а градот qingdao го викаат град на пивото..имаат музеј и си влегуваш и те служат со пиво...ептен кул..требаше сама да идам ама си викам ако се опијам кој ќе ме одведе до хостелот..хехе...
супер картичка бај д уеј.

Ana said...

еј, се надевав дека ќе има твој input на картичкава :) посебно мерак ми праи оној момент, Кина и кинески ствари, од македонска гледна точка :)