Saturday, March 13, 2010

Smile, please!

Well, I originally planned to post only the 3 cards above, picked several days ago, but this one came in extra due to some reasons.

Main reason...I feel TOTALLY OPPOSITE than the card....but (un)fortunately, I have no card with sad/crying faces so i couldnt really use one...on the other hand, I thought it actually may be nice to use such a smiling card and maybe cheer myself up and unconsciously influence on the flow of events.
I just really cant understand HOW and WHY just when after a long while things get on track and finally you feel happy and good about it, right then the next day the bubble bursts and you smash yourself against the asphalt falling from a 100000 floor building. I really dont get it why things always have to go wrong...why for once things cant be good FOR GOOD?!
Its been a longwhile since ive felt this lousy and this broken...and this lost...sorry for being a whiner but i just had to let it go even though i know it wont change events at all..
I felt sooo crappy today after the latest events that i almost overslept the entire day, I havent eaten anything, and i went to the post office to mail some stuff...just to realize when i came back home that i had actually forgotten some of  the mail...and now i have to wait till next week to send it.
And I really wish i could have the attitude of the Girl with the Fruit...

I hope the person responsible for all this is happy and content with what happened...otherwise it would really be pointless to feel like this.

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