Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Fraknfurt, Germany

А card I picked up at the airport on my way back home....
I couldnt really see much of Frankfurt itself except for the airport....but I think for the time being, it was more than enough. Thats NOT an airport...thats an entire city....I was absolutely enthralled by it....it takes several minutes by bus to actually get from the plane itself to the terminal building....with traffic lights and pedestrians....and a whole labyrinth of streets....no wonder it is the biggest one in Europe...
The building itself on the inside is also enormous....like a huge shopping centre...you just actually need to know ahead whats all in there so that you can know what to focus on and in case you have enough time, whether you should pass the customs and get stuck at the gates or maybe take a look around the stores BEFORE the customs....well, I was one of those who didnt explore much around coz I actually thought that I could find the shop I needed afterwards as well, but I turned out to be wrong.
Here is the one I was looking for


and honestly I have absolutely no idea where exactly this is :)

well, what I liked about this airport is that you have coffee for free...and there is a plethora of choice! I took 3 different ones...not because i so much had a need for coffee, but just because I had to try them...

One of the greatest reasons why I love this card is coz its train related....unfortunately, my desire to take a ride on a high-speed train wasnt fulfilled....partly coz of the lack of opportunity, partly coz of the insane ticket prices....very very budget-unfriendly :)

but on the overall, I miss Germany soooo much, and so many things related to it, esp. the people from our group...they really are the best!

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