Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Denver, USA

A card called, The Early Morning Splendour of Denver.


Well to me it seems more like an afternoon on a hot summer's day but I guess thats only the impression the card gives due to its print....and it was printed way back in 1985....I dont know if these cards are actually still sold nowadays or some people just have some left overs and then send them...

Anyways, I was having this idea for a few days now, and Im pretty much sure Im gonna realize it...the only question is WHEN...and I need to work a bit on the details...but however, I plan that to happen.
Well, its nothing spectacular...I just wanted to start a new blog, presenting covers only. Coz apart from the postcards themselves, I receive often postcards inside envelopes, and I receive letters too, and I have sooo many letters from long long ago, that i thought its actually a pity not to show those since some of them have suuuch lovely stamps...and it would also make it easier for me to actually make a classification of all the stamps I have in my collection. 
I have the idea of showing lets say, one cover on daily basis....it shouldnt take much work since I dont plan to ramble about other stuff but stamps there...
If you have any suggestions or ideas, they would be more than welcome....
As for the stamps on the postcards, I plan to keep showing them here, since they do make a whole....but in the other-blog-to-be I will also probably show covers with stamps Ive already shown here, where the cards came inside that envelope....
well, i hope im not complicating it too much...its just that im making a decision to start doing this at the time i have WAAAY too much work to do....but well, I cant help it...I just love it :)

Lighthouse stamps!! Lovely!!
They were issued in 2009 in a set of 5 stamps. The lighthouse on the right is Biloxi in Mississippi, while the other one is Sand Island in Alabama.
the other 5c stamp is a bit confusing since it says it was issued in 2007 but in the catalogue I found it under both 2002 and 2004 but not 2007. It depicts an American Toleware and is under the "Art and Antique objects" classification

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