Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Karbala, Iraq

Oh, yes, NEW country :D

Im not really sure until which number i have arrived but its not as if its something of crucial importance either way.
As a country, Iraq is abundant with many Muslim mosques and shrines and these are the golden shrines of Imam Hussein & Abbas in Karbala. These two are located one across from another.
Karbala is considered to be as one of the holliest places after Mecca, Medina, Jerusalem and Najaf. The city (unfortunately) is best known as the location of the Battle of Karbala. I dont like it when the impression of a certain place is something with a negative connotation...

There are several theories as to the origin of the name Karbala. One traditional hypothesis is geographer Yaqut al-Hamawi's belief that the name is an alternate Arabic feminine version of karbalah "soft earth". Another theory is that the name came from the Aramaic root Karb or Qarb; meaning "Near", and Alah; meaning God. Hence, the word 'Karbala' signifies 'Near God'.

According to Shī‘ah belief, the true meaning of the name Karbalā was narrated to Muhammad by the archangel Gabriel as being, "the land which will cause many agonies (karb) and afflictions (balā).

the stamp is from a set of 3 issued in 2008 called One Nation


fadoua said...

Congratulations for receiving such lovely postcard!

The picture on the stamp can be misunderstood if we don't read the sentence "No to Violence" written in Arabic :).

Chris Overstreet said...

A beautiful card! Unfortunately, I'm going to have to go with the "agonies and afflictions" theory.

Shaunna said...

I have linked your blog in mine: http://shaunnaf.blogspot.com/2010/02/postcard-links.html
Have a great day!