Tuesday, January 12, 2010


A very interesting card I got from Andrea for the Winner Of The Month contest

The card is called "Dancing with the Gods"...it has no further information, and  I couldnt really find any on the internet regarding this particular card, but i guess is that its one of those common rituals that exist in many religions, dedicated to the Gods. Calling them, bringing them sacrifices etc.
I like how this person is dressed and the make up as well..actually, at first I thought it was a woman...then I got a closer look and saw its a man....

and two beautiful stamps. the one on the right is a part from an Ancient Chinese Painting "A Hundred Deer" by Ignace Sichelbart. There is a total of 8 stamps in this issue.
The other one is from a set of 4 stamps from 2008, called "Regional Opera Series-Taiwanese Puppet Postage Stamps" (The Scholar Knight of Yunjhou)


AliveMary said...

I have this card too http://alivemary.blogspot.com/2009/09/dancing-with-gods.html

louisa said...

This is a card from a whole series of 25. You can see all the pics here:
These cards are distributed in metro stations in Taiwan. It is very popular to collect this series on a Chinese postcard forum. I also like these cards:)