Tuesday, January 12, 2010


A card which has to be commemorated since its my first official one from Greece.


For a long time I was wondering how it would be if I got a Greek address or if a Greek person got mine...I didnt mind at all sending one to Greece....I was more reluctant about the other person's reaction, since when it comes to political issue you just have to be prepared for everything...esp. if the reaction comes from one of the two involved parties.
And then this lovely card came from Dimitris...without any problem....with a nice message on the back. I must say I was delighted.
The funny thing is that after I received this one, in less than a month I got two more Greek official cards...all beautiful and all nice and kind.
I liked it that not once a political issue was mentioned and wasnt the basis of those people expressing some sort of antagonism or so.
I appreciate it from these people...and as you know, the last thing I want to discuss in depth here is Politics and Religion.
We can meet for that someplace else...

and here are a bunch of great stamps!

The top and bottom one on the left side are from 2009. The bottom one is from a set of 9 stamps and is dedicated to Greek actors. Here you can see Manos Katrakis. The stamp in the middle is from 2008 from an issue of 10 stamps representing Greek Islands....here you can see Chios.
As for the two stamps on top, I couldnt find any info....the official Greek Postal site, just works with some errors, unfortunately.

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