Sunday, January 17, 2010

Lisa Simpson

Something for the Simpson lovers.

the USPS issued these stamped postal cards (but since this was sent inside an envelope, not much of a point to show the stamp of a blank card, and either way, you know the Simpsons' stamps already)
I think that so far I miss Bart and Maggie from this series....
I love the Simpsons, and Ive always loved Lisa...coz of her down to earth character, yet extremely smart and gifted....of course, she has had her own moments, everyone does, no?

"Lisa Simpson is vegan, a lover of the blues and an all-around know-it-all. If you are looking for a pen-pal who writes back promptly and uses complete sentences, send this card to her"

Ok, i definitely dont fall into that category...If you had ever had the chance to write with me, you are more than aware that I dont write promptly, neither that I use complete letters are a real chit-chat :)

And yeah, I used to wish that my real family would take me, it doesnt really matter anymore...

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