Sunday, January 17, 2010

Budapest, Hungary

Been a while since Ive posted something Hungarian here...

I know Ive spoken of Budapest before and I know that I will speak of it again since I have too many Budapest instead of talking about it, this time ill show you just two links Ive overtaken from Kriszti...the first one is a really beautiful video about Hungary...and I love the music as well!

on the second link you can read loads of info and facts about Budapest and Hungary too, and as well browse lots of beautiful pictures

and here come two nice stamps....the one on the left is from 2001 from a set of 6 definitives showing chairs, while the other one is from 2003 and is called European car-free day....respect!

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Borostyán said...

If you like this song (I like it, too btw) then listen to this one:

It's a tv commercial for an alcohol drink.

Greetings from Hungary!

PS: as a postcard addict I really like your blog! :)