Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Enoshima Electric Railway, Japan

A train card coming from Japan.

I like it how they have matched the colours of the train with the natural environment...looks real nice.
The Enoshima Electric Railway is said to be established in 1902 and runs between Fujisawa & Katase (Enoshima).
Its a local train...well, surely doesnt seem to be an express one :)
I recall some of the Murakami books talked of people taking the train to travel from A to B...i doubt it was one of these kind of trains...and this also reminds me i need to finish the Murakami book I started few months ago...but I just dont seem to have the focus for reading lately...nothing surprising =[

Apart from being a train card, there are also, two great train stamps! Bingo!!!
However, as it happens often with the Japanese stamps....I couldnt find much info about these. I hope that soon, the Stamps sector at the Japanese Postal site, will soon be translated into English.


wevegotpaper said...

Oooh, this is such a neat postcard!

My son collects train and railroad postcards. :)

You have a nice blog!

Julie xox

shizuku-san said...

These were much harder to track down, I couldn't find either of them. The one on the right says at the bottom right "Subway 50th Anniversary"... the one on the left is just Japan Post, with that C51. They don't look like they are from related issues either.

Ana said...

actually, i did a better research AFTER i made this post and found that the right one is from 1977, showing Tokyo metro, the left one is from 1975, showing locomotives..I still cant believe it that such old great stamps could be in use