Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Weddell seal, Antarctica

Dont you just have the itch to hug it and cuddle it??!!!

this feels like a perfect thing to tuck yourself in on a cold winter night....well, provided you are not spending that night in the open air in Antarctica, otherwise, I think you would be all icicles when you wake up...

This cutie here is the Weddell Seal, the most southerly-breeding mammal of all. It lives on inshore ice around the Antarctic Coast. The playful pups grow a staggering two kilograms a day while suckling and weigh up to 600 kilograms when fully grown. They can live to over 20 years of age.

heh, there is someone who gains weight at a bigger ratio than me....2kg a day...i feel relieved :P

they are called Weddell because they were discovered by James Weddell in 1820s, when he was on a sailing expedition within the Weddell Sea, also named after him.

I love this card!! And its probably gonna enter my list of all time favourite postcards!


Vagirl said...

He's toooooo cuuute!!!
I love this card too!
Absolutely adorable and yes I just wanna hug and cuddle him:)

webmastermarkt said...

great postcard.