Saturday, December 12, 2009

New Jersey, USA

A very nice addition to my lighthouse collection.

back of the card:

Barnegat Lighthouse
Long Beach Island, N.J
Spectacular view of the Barnegat Lighthouse, located on the northern point of Long Beach Island. The lighthouse was built in 1857-58 and was first lighted on Jan. 1, 1859.


Oh, before I happens that every now and then everyone of us receives not such a pleasant surprise in the mailbox in the form of an unattractive, plain postcard...sometimes it cant even be called a postcard....anyways, in case you have such a precious item at home, which you havent thrown and dont feel like throwing due to guilt of consciousness,  you may take part in this contest over at Glenn's and on top of that even win, receiving that *makes my hair go up* card, might turn not to have been THAT bad after all :)
You can participate with either the worst or the ugliest can read the more detailed rules here....personally, i still cant make up my mind, mainly because i cant draw the line between the ugliest and the im pretty stuck....and funny, but even though there are several cards i absolutely dont like, i cant entitle them as the worst or ugliest, coz im one of those people who try to find a good thing even at a worst hopeless situation...yeah, im naive....i know....but either way, you may just try your chances with this contest, and at the same time get rid of some cards you so anxiously have been hiding at the bottom of your drawer.

quite a different stamp from the common US ones...this is a self-adhesive stamp issued in 2003, called -Wisdom - APS Ameristamp Expo Biloxi MS-.

I should go to sleep...or maybe write some cards...or...*sigh*...I dont know, ill see..


Gem from Calgary said...

Hi Ana,
Thanks for your write-up of my contest. I'm sure that will increase interest in it as I'm sure more people read your blog than mine. Keep blogging as you have lots of followers. Take care.

Ana said...

hi are welcome :) I also posted about this at the forum at the ex-yu section....there was this talk just going on about the reception of some really ugly received official cards, and it was like the most appropriate moment to bring this contest up ;)