Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Franz Kafka, Czech Republic

Another GREAT GREAT card, sent as a real surprise from dear Janek...i do like cards with famous people...but not all famous people...but writers....oh yeah!! I absolutely LOVE those!! Esp. when it comes to such significant ones like Kafka, who had left such a great mark in the history of literature...

On this car you can see Franz Kafka along with Felice Bauer....Franz's fiancée....twice! Their relationship is said to have finally ended in 1917 (when this photo was also taken) after Franz was diagnosed with tuberculosis.
I dont feel like giving that dry matter of facts about his life and work...feels boring (and also, that was the part i always hated when having to study about a particular writer...esp, when i had to remeber in which year a certain work was published....lets say you have 10 writers, each with approx. 10-15 books....and you have to memorize the year when each of those books was published...). Just couldnt get into it..so thats why i dont feel like bringing that matter now.

Anyways, I think i should re-read the Kafka's works i had already read, like that most famous "The Trial" or "The Castle"...and find some of his short stories as well...and if possible, his letters, written to his father and as well Felice, and a few other people....well, I just feel like enlightening myself right now...

there is something interesting i read about Kafka's attitude towards love and sex...I think ill get into a in-depth reading about that later..

the stamp is an amazing one...dating back from 2001, from the series of "Works of Art on Stamp" if im not mistaken...presenting the work of Cyril Bouda (1901 - 1984): The Sans-Souci Bar in Nimes (1934), Ministry of Finance of the Czech Republic...hope you could figure it out...

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I am glad that I stumbled upon your site and I will look forward to reading again soon