Thursday, December 17, 2009

Pyongyang, North Korea

If anyone has some extra snow, can you please send it to me??? Its getting awfully depressing here...its cold, gloomy and snow....i think that some brightness would cheer me up...even the postman has been really ignoring me lately...last week he didnt come at all...this week came only once...

And i promise that after this card, i wont be so much bragging with some rare least for a while...and even though this card wasnt sent written and stamped from NK...a North Korea card is rare by itself i its a small gem in my collection...and hopefully, one day i WILL get the written and stamped version, from NK direct!!! :)
I love all that mystery veiling this country, its seclusion...the regime they allegedly have there is intriguing and always makes me search for more info about it....not so long ago, it was all over the news how they had introduced Pizza in the country for the very first time....and i just cant imagine living in a country where everything is so state-controlled....if those people living there, crossed the border to go somewhere else, they would probably be shocked of how this world really is...or at least thats the image being created about NK
Did you know that the currently mobile cellular telephone services are available in Pyongyang only?
Scary....and the glance on the card, showing some urban area in Pyongyang, looks sort of scary as well...with all those huge buildings that look like a copy of each other, with all that vast space among them...really gives the impression of how strictly NK is ruled and how everything is strictly controlled, the people, the media....I would like to visit it one day, just to see by myself how things are going on there....and of course, send you sure you're gonna love that :D I just wonder what all sorts of inspections my cards may go through...esp. since im gonna send a real bunch of over 50 cards probably.....its gonna look awfully suspicious i guess :)  Well, as long as they arrive, its ok..

as for a closure of this NK post, id like to share this letter with you, written by Sean McLachlan  and aimed to   Kim Jong II

You can read it here: A Letter to Kim Jong case you are not afraid that the NK government will track you and come after you :P


szirmaik said...

Wow... I feel the same way about NK. Not so long ago I came across the "official website of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea where I saw this "travel opportunity"... (http://www (dot) It's amazing, in a sense a totally propagandistic website can be amazing :o Apart from the fact that you can't bring any mobile phones or video cameras into the country, you can even meet with locals (selected groups of people presenting exactly what the regime wants to show you) and "you're given the possibility to present the elite of the country with your offerings"...
I don't know if you have heard about the Swedish company that manufactures jeans in North Korea. That's a very weird thing but doesn't seem to be a bad idea at all.

dmarks said...

It is kind of scary. The Stalin-style monolith towers are like a grave memorial for the hundreds of thousands killed by half a century of North Korean socialism.

Blasé said...

Sorry, don't have any for you!