Monday, December 21, 2009


Well, we started off with lovely landscapes, so i guess we'll finish like that...

And these beauties came as a direct surprise from Malaysia from my dear dear Lyan....who by the way just launched her perfume selling webpage, so please, click here in order to see what's she offering :)
I dont really know which are the places shown on the card...on the back of it, it says: Exotic beaches, sun, sea and the natural beauty of Malaysia.
It is all very beautiful indeed...however, Malaysia has no snow, so i dont know if id ever trade my weather for this...even though im always complaining about it, i still prefer to have all the 4 seasons (even though spring and autumn have become sort of non-existent).

I think the stamp is quite appropriate to the card, representing a summer motif. Its from a set of 5 stamps issued in 2008, simply representing Seashells of Malaysia....this one is called Triton's Trumpet.

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imajica said...

LOL Ana you shouldnt have :))
anyways thanks for the adverts :P I hope I'll get a customer soon!

and it's always always great to see my postcard on someone's blog! thanks for this neat entry! those beaches are probably from different islands here. but yes, we have no snow :( it's rather boring!

hugs to you! ;)