Saturday, December 12, 2009

Polish Folklore

A really lovely card that came as a real surprise from Ania in Poland...and do you wanna take a guess how many folklore cards i actually have???  *blushes*

Folklore is one of the things im not very familiar with (and which i regret not being more interested before in it....).
Here on the card are shown various traditional clothings, depending on where in Poland you are. So you have Krakow and Lublin and Tatry and Zywiec and Lowicz and Szamotuly and Kujawi and Nowy Sacz. Except for Krakow, Tatry and Lublin, the other names are absolutely new to me.
I really love all these, so nice and colourful! I think that my absolutely favourite one is the man dressed in the blue coat, from doesnt even look like he is wearing traditional clothing but more like being a prince or a duke or some other high-ranked person....and i definitely also love the one on its right side, the woman on the horse...just looks so interesting with that *hat* on her head....if its a hat....but either way, its a great card, and i must say im really happy to have it....and i must admit something else...i might probably add folklore related cards to my wish list...*khm khm khm*...well, what can i do, they are really educational :)

well, first i thought of giving some video which will depict something from the Polish folklore....but since im not so familiar with it...i wanted to post something else which i think is one of the things that has left a great mark on the Polish culture...something that many generations will remember, me is one of my favourite cartoons from the time when i was a may not be dealing with folklore, but still, i wanted to share it with, its dubbed in Macedonian (which i thought might be interesting for non-Macedonian speakers to listen to) with the voices of some of the most remarkable people here...the voices which will linger in the memory of many people, as a reminder of their case there are cards with this cartoon or some other Polish/Czechoslovakian/Russian ones from the 70's/80's, id love to have them...

this great elephant stamps is from a set of 4 issued this year, under the name of "Animals of Africa".

thanks Ania a lot for sending me this card, and for actually enhancing my interest in the folklore related cards :)

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