Monday, December 21, 2009

Lake Mono, California, USA

A card which caused some great confusion, being that it arrived from Germany....but Lake Mono is indeed situated in the US...the only results you will get about Lake Mono in Germany is about some music label company or so....


It  is an alkaline and hypersaline lake in the Mono County in California. It has an unusually eco productive system and is a critical nesting habitat for several bird species.
Some quick Mono Lake facts:

-Maximum = 159 feet.
-Average = 57 feet.

At least 760,000 years old and probably 1-3 million years; among the oldest lakes in North America.

The lake level before the diversions of Mono's tributary streams was 6,417 feet above sea level (asl). The current lake level is 6381.4 feet asl (1,946 meters), its volume is approximately 2.6 million acre feet, and its surface area is approximately 45,133 acres. It is expected to take over 20 years to reach 6,392 feet asl, the Water Board-ordered stabilization level. Once it reaches 6,392', it should usually fluctuate about 6 feet in elevation and occasionally rise as high as 6,400', and during extreme drought, drop as low as 6,382'. The yearly evaporation rate is approximately 45 inches per year.
Without restrictions on stream diversions, the lake would have eventually stabilized at approximately 6,355 feet asl with fluctuations of 21 vertical feet. During periods of extreme drought, the lake might have fallen as low as 6,336 feet asl.

as i said, the card arrived auf Detuschland, hence the German stamp....showing Mendelssohn


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I got from Germany a postcard from Las Vegas - it was from a postcrosser whose husband travels to the US a lot and brings her many postcards.