Monday, December 21, 2009

Møysalen National Park, Norway

So, today winter officially starts....and we are having even snow...well, ok, whats left of it..and the leftovers cant even be compared to the beauty we had on Saturday, but thats how things with snow always are...too good to last....well, if you thought i was gonna post some snowy pictures today, you are quite wrong....but i think that this may even be better than snow....see it for yourselves....

This has got to be one of the MOST magnificent cards i had ever received, EVER!!! Its so amazingly beautiful that at times it makes you wonder if this is actually real...the atmosphere is just so serene and breathtaking, that i dont even wanna write anything....just leave you enjoy it....and then you wonder why i so much love Norway? One of the pure examples lies in front of you!
This is the Møysalen National Park, located in Hinnøya, in North Norway and is said to preserve undisturbed coastal alpine landscape. The scenery is characterized by peaks jutting out of the ocean and fjords, the highest point is Møysalen, 1,262m.
Lovely lovely lovely!!!! And thanks a million to Sissel, my absolutely favourite Norwegian, for surprising my always! 

the stamp on the right is from a set of 4 issued in 2008, regarding Transportation (History of Communication), where the S/S Oster steamship is portrayed.

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Anastasia said...

you are right, it's an absolutely incredible view.. the water looks like a mirror, and I love the green grass and lovely huts:)