Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Fort la Latte, France

My last great card for today again comes as a surprise, this time from the postcrossing meeting that took place in Paris not so long ago, and Valerie was kind enough to remember me and send me a card...signed by 10 other members as well...LOVELY!

the Forte-la-Latte or the Castle of la Latte is a famous tourist attraction on the Cote d'Émeraude in the northeast of Brittany. This impressive castle was built on a small piece of land at the Baie de la Fresnaye in the 13th century. Various films have been shot at this site, including "The Vikings" with Kirk Douglas and Tony Curtis (from 1958).
In the past it was called Roche-Gayon, and belonged to the lords of Matignon.
The castle has also been classified as monument historique by the French Ministry of Culture since 1925.

I think that the view is just amazing and breathtaking!

the stamp on the right is very very cool! It is a self-adhesive one, coming from a series of 14 stamps called Smiles - Little Nicholas, issued this year. The other stamp is from 2008, again from a set of 14 (what a coincidence!), called Marianne and Europe, under the National Symbols theme.

well, hope you liked it all :)


Gem from Calgary said...

Nice card Ana. Enjoy your blog every time you update. Take care.P.S. I took your advise and have purchased Snow, the book, for my wife , for Christmas.

Ana said...

ohhh, you did??!!! Mmmmm....i really hope she will like it...its not like an every-day kind of a book like all those best-sellers we have around (the Twilight series for example...something ive never had the desire to read).
Its a book to be read in silence...with the sound of the snow outside only :)