Sunday, December 6, 2009

Cape Verde

Who would have thought that one day I would have a flag card of Cape Verde! Even though its not mailed from there, its still a great card and im more than happy to be an owner of one and to actually tick off Cape Verde from my flag card list...coz unlike maps, flag cards are much harder to get, so thats what makes this card really valuable to me....

there is an interesting meaning hidden behind the design of this flag:

The rectangle of the flag is seen as a large blue field symbolizing the infinite space of the sea and sky.
The ten yellow stars represent the 10 islands.
The circle of the stars symbolizes the Cape Verdean Nation and its unity.
The circle in a certain sense, is the world to which we are opened and that is opened to us; is the line of horizon which limits our freedom, that is the world map, but is also the mariner’s compass and the helm of the navigators.
The strips are the road to the construction of the country.
The blue is the sea and the sky.
The white is the peace we want.
The red is the effort


and I have to say that this is one of the cards i received due to the WOTM or Winner Of The Month...or more precisely, i was the lucky winner for the month of October, and was delighted with all the wonderful cards i received (i may have mentioned this already, I dont know...but it wont hurt to repeat myself).
And this treat came from Gilles  who was kind enough to send me this flag card, knowing that i collect them...thanks a lot Gilles!! :)