Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Hong Kong

A shiny Hong Kong card that came as a surprise from Relie and Licia..

It shows brightly lit neons signs of Nathan Road in Kowloon.
It sure IS bright! Relie says that this is the land of neon lights, dim sum, loud people, congested streets and great shopping. And thats so much NOT me. Id only like to try the dim sum...but all the rest is just not my cup of no no, not even the shopping...i actually hate shopping and i dread when i have to do it...and even then i dont really put loads of efforts but try to buy what i need at the first/second/third shop annoys me...the only kind of shopping i like is postcard shopping or getting stuff from a huge supermarket (so that means food and coffee and such) provided i actually have enough money to put in the trolley all that i want. But when it comes to clothes and make up and such...then please, dont call me to keep you company....thank you :)


this bird stamp comes from a set of 16 definitive stamps issued in 2006 regarding the Fauna, where this one represents the Red-whiskered Bulbul.

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