Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Durmitor, Montenegro

One of the numerous cards i bought to myself during my stay in Montenegro this year.

And i really like this edition of huge cards they have...not only coz they are huge...but they have beautiful images as well!
This card shows the Lake Škrčko below the Bobotov Peak (2,523 m), the highest peak on Mt. Durmitor.
And Durmitor is also one of the two UNESCO whs in Montenegro, so now i finally have Montenegro complete...boy...this sounded as if Montenegro had 20 UNESCO whs and now, after loads of hard work, i had finally been able to collect them all.
Unfortunately, this is one of the places in Montenegro i didnt manage to visit even though i wanted to...but there were no excursions organized for there in particular, so unless you arrange it on your own, you dont have much of a choice of how to get maybe next time ill be more lucky and have the chance to go definitely is a beautiful place and more than worth seeing.

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Anastasia said...

this lake in the middle of the mountains looks amazing! I like the colours of it!