Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Haapsalu, Estonia

A great card from dear Janek, who sent me a train card just right after i had put them on my wishlist!! Thanks so much Janek!!! :D

Estonian Railway Museum is located in the Emperor's Pavillon of the historic Haapsalu railway station. Belonging Locomotives and railcars to the museum are exhibited behind the station building and can be visited free of charge. 10-18 Museum is open all year round from Wednesday to Sunday. Discount of 10% is available for groups over 25 people.

I think that if i ever get to Estonia, this will be on the top list of things id love to see...and id love to take my dad there a gift for him.

and a set of amazing stamps!
the small one on the left is a definitive issued in 2006 under the subject of Flora, representing the Liverleaf. The two big stamps were issued in 2002 regarding the 10th anniversary of the reintroduction of the Estonian Kroon. This souvenir sheet features the portraits of the poetess Lydia Koidula and the journalist, writer and teacher Carl Robert Jakobson, key elements of the 100 and 500 kroon notes respectively.

thanks a lot alqwa

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Katts said...

The railway museum in my hometown:)