Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Bonaire, Netherlands Antilles

Pheww....finally, here i am...and i better scribble down something before i fall again into one of those emotional turmoils...ive been in such a state for like two weeks...and its been getting worse and worse each day...I thank God to the bits and pieces of sunshine he brought me today...i know they wont last for long...the upcoming periods wont allow it...but at least, for the time being, i need to enjoy it as much as possible...right?
and ill start today with one lovely and cheerful card from dear Sainara....well, its always indeed a pleasure to receive a card from the Netherlands Antilles...but its a double pleasure to receive it from dear people..

the card shows the Feeding time at the Donkey's Sanctuary...Sainara says how she remembers donkeys walking around freely while growing up. But then, with the growing population and increasing car accidents involving donkeys, a sanctuary was made and the majority of the donkeys reside there now.

Thats really cool have donkeys roaming around freely...or horses...or elephants...or some other long as they wont be able to do you harm. Its nice for them to have all that freedom in the world.
Here, in our ZOO, not only the animals cant walk around freely, they are even in danger from all those people with lack of consciousness, who feed them inappropriately, even though there are huge signs which say that its strictly forbidden to feed the animals...just recently one of the camels had died suffocating from a bag of crisps...totally miserable...and i dont get it how people can be so reckless...but they just dont seem to all.


I suppose this stamp is issued regarding Christmas holidays...its from December 2006, but i dont have any further information about it unfortunately!

Sainara, thanks a lot again, not just for this, but for all the great cards you had sent me!

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The Tropical Blogger said...

Wow, you finally got it. :)

I just loved that card. I think it's a beautiful picture. :)

Yes, the stamp is a Christmas edition. I still have a few old stamps lying around, but desperately need to buy some news ones.

I am glad you liked the card. :)