Sunday, October 25, 2009

It's a nice day for a White Wedding....

So there we go...the day has come...and its just a matter of hours until the actual event takes place...well, ok...ill have one more extra hour to sleep due to the winter time change to which im thankful for...

oh...and no no no...its not MY wedding we are talking about, no panic :))
a friend of mine is getting married, and since we are/were kinda close, i just wanted to sort of commemorate it...and its also like an excuse for my absence in posting here i better post something than nothing, right?
and honestly, its this card that had me inspired and i thought it would be VERY appropriate to post it today than any other day...if you are about to say that my OWN wedding would be more appropriate...well, i dont have the heart to keep this card in darkness till then honestly :P

personally im not a wedding fan...but its nice to attend some...the one that is about to come is still something i cant categorize unfortunately, and i dont feel like im going to a wedding at all nor that something important is happening...but i wont go into least not in public coz it wont really be fair

why i dont like weddings? i dont just not that kind of a social type of a person (im a complicated type of a person in case you hadnt figured out by now)...i dont like all that fuss revolving around the weddings and i most of all dont like the *i have nothing to wear* moment...which stroke me big time this time...and all that with the thanks to my awful eating habits lately, since ive come to the conclusion that nothing fits me...and i just feel ridiculous in whatever i only attempt to do something about it was to refrain from chocolate and sweets and stuff....for the past 3 days...a real sacrifice, no? and my body is craving for some cake, so i guess once the wedding is over, ill get my dosage with a less feeling of guilt...

and speaking of the card...those thoughts perfectly describe ME! i cant explain it in short terms, but how i judge things is often totally different from what my common sense tells me to do...and i often follow the 'my own judgment' than the 'common sense' thing...whether its a right or wrong thing to do, i dont know...but thats how i do it...and with no intention to actually switch to 'common sense'....oh well...maybe day....maybe :)

my biggest thank you goes to Chris for sending me this card...first of all for the reasons why he sent it to me, and second, for actually giving me a material to make today's post and for sending me such a handy and convenient card for this occasion :)
oh, and one more thing...its Chris to blame, why i have developed a soft spot for the Anne Taintor cards and why they are on my wish list now...yeah Chris, its your fault, shame on you! :)))) order not to blame me that i totally rant of other stuff, here are the stamps from the card..

and...Marija dear...i wish this day to be the most memorable one for you and i hope you have a life full of joy and love and happiness...and we are sorry that we wont be able to attend the ceremony from the beginning, but we hope you understand (and you know who we all are...sorry! =[....)

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Chris Overstreet said...

Well, it seems that I have only one Anne Taintor card, and that's your fault. :P