Monday, October 5, 2009

Czech Republic

This lovely adorable map card comes as my first official card from the Czech Republic...and even though its not a rare country, it always feels nice to receive a first official card from somewhere...and the extra thing is when its such a lovely card, carefully chosen according my wishlist :D


You know, if it was some other situation, or someone else...everyone would have cheered for a day off, for a prolonged weekend...but me...i just saw it as a chance to actually finish some things i had to finish, but not once i was in the *hooray* im having my Monday off!
I dont know...i just got used to leading some sort of dynamic life lately, being occupied most of the time, being out of home...and problem is, not once i had this homesick feeling, regardless how things actually were (since they havent been so pink all this time). And this just makes me realize how incompatible i feel with this surrounding here and how much this is just not for me...problem is, i dont know whats for me anymore...if until recently i sort of had a new vision and some goals, now it has gone down the drain and due to certain events of recently, all that had changed...but instead of leading me to a new direction, it actually left me in the middle of nowhere, having no idea how to proceed and where to aim to...and it has only enhanced my animosity towards being home....i really wonder why that *Home Sweet Home* motto doesnt refer to me..

Was I supposed to talk of the card? Sorry...i sometimes get carried know that sometimes i use this place for its therapeutic purposes....


the flower stamp on the left was issued in 2006 and comes from a series of Flower Growing-Cactii set of 4 stamps, while the other one was issued this year in honour of the children

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