Monday, October 5, 2009

Pafos, Cyrpus

It feels so awkward to have my Monday off and spend it at home actually..well, not entirely, i did have a number of things to finish which instead of running smoothly, had to be hectic and with problems totally UNNECESSARY! But i dont know...this is my first Monday in more than a month, to actually be at home...and you know what? I HATE it! And with that said, i can move on to the card....

The theatre at Pafos in western Cyprus lies in the north-eastern corner of the ancient town, diagonally opposite the harbour. It seems to have been built early in the life of the town, in the last years of the fourth century BC.
It seems to show close links with the architecture of Alexandria, as one would expect given that Pafos was the Ptolemaic capital of the island, and there is every chance that it reflects the style of the theatre of Alexandria, which is no longer preserved.

It seems to show several features that are important to the evolution of ancient theatre design, not least its semicircular form.

The theatre is only partially built into a hill and the rest was built up with an artificial earthen embankment on which stone seating was placed. To the south of the theatre a paved road was constructed parallel to the stage building in the third century AD. Excavations through part of it have revealed a series of closely-dated deposits which are proving to have far-reaching importance for the chronology of pottery and glass of the 3rd and 4th centuries.
In the 13th-15th centuries AD there was a sizeable farmstead over the area of the stage-building, and it is part of important medieval activity in Pafos, in the period of the Crusaders.


there are two stamps used on the card. the one on the right is from a set of 8 stamps issued in 2008, from the Cyprus Through The Ages series, with this stamp representing the Early Roman Period (30 BC - 324 AD). The other one is the 2009 Refugee Fund tax stamp....whatever that means...

and another "small" detail for the end....i received three written and stamped Cyprus cards at the same time...the other two were left untouched, but this one had to be ruined by some postal worker...they just HAD to stamp it and say that Macedonia is recognized by Greece as FYROM...why cant they just leave out politics from my postcards?!!! its frustrating!!! see how far this Macedonia-Greece issue is going to?? its just annoying =|


Chris Overstreet said...

You think FYROM is bad? Be glad you don't live on Lesbos.

Anastasia said...

ahaha, i like the previous comment! :)))

I can understand why it annoys you.
they just can do nothing about this situation so they do this absurd thing like a stamp.
it's interesting how they are going to treat my cards i sent you from Crete. sorry I just couldn't keep it in a secret!!! :D