Monday, October 5, 2009

Plymouth, USA

A lovely lighthouse postcard thanks to the Evans family, who always surprise me with something nice in my mailbox!

Plymouth more reminds me of the university days when we learned about the Pilgrims arriving in the US in 1620 and their Mayflower...and the lighthouse you see here is actually situated in the Plymouth harbour. It is called "Bug Light" and is said to have an unusual coffee-pot shape...which i cant see.
It was built in 1871 on the north side of the main channel in Plymouth Harbor to mark the dangerous shoal off Saquish Head.  The lighthouse contains three levels that were used as living quarters and a watchroom. Its original name is actually Duxbury Pier Light  but locally it is known as the "Bug Light" or simply the Bug.

either way, its a great card, and on top of that comes with two lighthouse stamps!

both lighthouse stamps were issued this year and come in a set of 5 designs of commemorative stamps under the name Gulf Coast you can see the lighthouse on Matagorda Island (Texas) on the left and the Fort Jefferson in Florida on the right. As for the 10c American Clock stamp...i think it has become more than familiar until now..

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