Sunday, October 11, 2009

Chernihiv, Ukraine

a great surprising card from my dear Ksenia, who has started her studies in Ukraine this semester, so unfortunately, i cant keep much track of her and what is she up to...but i hope she is ok

this card shows the Saint Assumption cathedral of Yieletsk Monastery from the 12 century.
Its a beautiful cathedral, and ive noticed that all Ukrainian sacred places are actually. And they al have some similar shapes in nice it is green for example...reminds me of the St. Sofia cathedral in Kyiv for example...

did i tell you that i am the Winner of The Month for October??!! yeahhh...after a week really scarce on mail, yesterday i found 5 great cards in my mailbox due to this case you know what im talking about :)
i dont usually win things, so i was more than surprised to see that out of 20+ people, i was th chosen yeah, yesterday was a great mail, thanks to this and a few other people who surprised me with their cards...they know who they are :P


the stamp is from the set of 7 definitives, issued in 2007, featuring art and antique objects.


Оксана said...

Hello Ana :)
I'm glad you've received this card and that you liked it :) I've moved to Donetsk, Ukraine and I'm going to send you a letter very soon :) I even have my own P.O. Box now ;)
Greetings from Ukraine :)

Ana said...

I also received two other cards from you in the meantime :) And i hope you received mine as well...

and i really look forward to your letter! Ive missed you! :)

Jo Jo said...

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