Sunday, October 11, 2009


A really cool Swiss card!

here through the "Schweiz" letters (which is the name for Switzerland in Germany) are presented some of the most typical Swiss things, like the cheese, the cows, mountains, snow, mountain climbing....and should i add Toblerone as well?? for everyone who has tried it, you know what im talking about :)
I would also add the watches among a typical sign...not so much due to manufacturers, but more due to the fact that we have a saying here which goes "He is punctual like a Swiss watch"....when you want to refer to someone who ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS comes on time and is never, neither a second late...
personally, i used to be extremely punctual, or come before the past few years i started being late more than needed, coz i always end up looking for my keys or my phone or something else i need before i go out...or i just lose track of time...i should work on it

1 comment:

Vagirl said...

Love that card Ana! It's so cooooool!
And of course I enjoy reading your blog as always!
Miss you girl!
Take care of yourself!