Wednesday, September 2, 2009

St. Agnes, France

This lovely card comes from Sheila

It is said that St. Agnes is the highest coastal village in Europe.

Sainte-Agnès village has narrow stone-paved streets and many arched passages, and everything is pretty well restored. Many of the village houses are 15th to 18th century.
A feature of Sainte-Agnès is the incredible view -- of the coast, the sea, the mountains and Italy.

This is a definitely lovely, but touristy, little village perched on the flank of a mountain, high above the Mediterranean. The one thing that saves Sainte Agnes from being overrun is that it's not easy to get to; only 4 km from the coast as the eagle flies, it's about 12 km of narrow and twisty mountain roads by car, above Menton at the eastern end of the French Riviera.

According to legend, the chateau-fort was built by a Saracen Prince Haroun, who had fallen in love with a young Provençal girl. The chateau was restored in 1502, but today is in ruins. Enough of the ancient walls remain, complete with arrow slits, to give a good feeling of what it was like in medieval times. Archaeological digs at the chateau site have unearthed at least 23 skeletons along with other artifacts, indicating habitation to the Bronze Age or even to the Neolithic era.
The bonus of this card is the map it has on it :)

And another extra characteristic of this card is the amazing stamp, which is really huge indeed!
It was issued in February this year under the subject of Religions and beliefs, showing a part of the St. Cecilia Cathedral.
Sheila, thanks a lot again for this great piece :)

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