Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Bela Lugosi

Here is a rather unusual card, but i totally totally love it! From the moment i saw it offered, i wanted to have it in my collection.

For some reason, i like cards with cemeteries and memorial centres...give me some odd turbulences on the for Bela Lugosi, this is whats written on the back:
- No more tooth trouble for "Dracula", actor Bela Lugosi's most famous role, as Lugosi rests in Holy Cross Cemetery, Culver City, California - we hope.....

Bela Lugosi was a Hungarian actor, born under the name of Béla Ferenc Dezső Blaskó in Lugos, outside the western border of Transylvania. He later based his last name on his hometown.
I dont think i have watched him in his not much of a movie person, and often when i watch some, im not really savvy in naming actors and actresses and now, you may wonder, why the hell you so much wanted a card with Bela Lugosi's grave...
Well...its coz of a song...thats how i learned of Bela in the first place...and the song is a great one...called Bela Lugosi's dead.....the original version is performed by Bauhuas (Peter Murphy) but there is another great one, performed by Peter Murphy and Trent Reznor together...having in mind that i really love and respect both of them, and having in mind the itch music arises in me, now wonder i got so thrilled with this card...i immediately had the story to share on my blog :)
So yeah...not much talking about Bela and his career....but here is the song....

Trent Reznor & Peter Murphy version:

Bauhaus version....i just love this 'vinyl' thing in the video :)

the lovely stamp is a definitive issued in June 2009, from the issue series Scenic American Landscapes, where here you can see the Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming.

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Miss_Yves said...

I saw his movies:Bela lugosi wasperfect as Dracula!
This postcard woud deserve an award !