Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Buenos Aires, Argentina

To some it may seem unbelievable, but this is my first Argentinian card ever! :) So yeah, its a new country to the collection :) And if all goes well, i should get a second one sooner or later :)

And it comes from Buenos Aires direct, sent by Andres, showing Plaza de Mayo and the Buenos Aires Townhall.
I think that my first ever memory related to Argentina dates back from 1990, when there was this World Cup in Football...and when Diego Maradona was like one of the main figures and stars there...though if i recall correctly, Germany won the finals...its funny, but i watched almost every single match then, together with my grandfather, and i was truly interested in it...of course, i tried to watch it 4 years later again, but for some reason, it didnt feel the same and the cheering didnt feel the same, and i just lost interest...but i guess i learned a rather lot by watching just this one World Cup :)
As for the card....Plaza de Mayo is the main square in downtown Buenos Aires and since it was the scene of the 25 May 1810 resolution that led to independence, it has also been a focal point of political life in Buenos Aires and, arguably, Argentina.
It is of course indispensable tourist attraction too.
Several of the city's major landmarks are located around the Plaza, the Townhall included.

This card came inside an envelope, which was decorated with 5 simply amazing stamps! I dont know if its coz they are huge or so colourful, but to me they are just lovely!
They have all been issued this year.
The stamp on the very left shows the Crowned is from a set of two stamps from the Wild Fauna under extinction  series. The other stamp from this series is the one with the turtle - the Earth Turtle.
The other 3 stamps come from a series of 5, under the theme of Children's subjects - Amusement Park Games.
Just lovely lovely lovely stamps!
Andres, MUCHAS GRACIAS por la tarjeta y por los sellos....and excuse me for my simple poor Spanish :)

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