Thursday, September 3, 2009

Pennsylvania, USA

 I should make a list of all the US state map cards i have and see which ones im missing...but as usual, im totally disorganized about such stuff...

there isnt much info on the back...

- Nickname: Keystone State
- 1970 Population (???): 11,793,909.....i really wonder when does this card date from if they are using the stats from 1970!!!
- Area in Sq. Miles: 45,126
- Entered the Union: Dec. 12, 1787

the things which come to my mind when it comes to Pennsylvania are the Amish and those covered bridges...and my dear Katie who lives in Pittsburgh :D

some info from the front:
- State Bird: Ruffed Grouse
- State Flower: Mountain Laurel

the flower is definitely beautiful!

and i think its needless to talk of the stamp...the overused 94c one before the prices went up....have to say im glad they did so i dont get to see this stamp so often anymore :)
yeah, there are a few stamps out there im pretty tired of...this one, the German one with the flower, the Dutch one  which i dont know how to explain but i posted it on my last post about the Netherlands and with all due respect, the British one with the queen....ever since ive started getting mail, i end up seeing it on my cards/letters way too often :)


Katie H. said...

Thank you so much. :) I know things are crazy and difficult for you now, but I am thinking of you and hope you'll feel free to talk to me about anything on your mind when you are ready... I will be here and always happy to hear from you. :)

Ana said...

thanks dear! I know i owe you a letter...and i started one like a month ago...but ended up with just a half-page i hope to get down to it soon and write it till the end :)