Thursday, September 3, 2009

Aurora Borealis, Finland

Im starting to feel guilty...since i didnt do ANY of the reading i was supposed to do and which i said i would simultaneously do while writing here...

Actually, i started clearing up my PC and then my keyboard ceased working and then i had to do all the restart and then got carried away with my cats...uhmm, i guess ill just share this last card for today and get down to some work
As you already know, i LOVE the Northern Lights even though i still cant comprehend in a simple human language how they actually work. But i love it that they come in such different colours....this is like someone from above is landing down on some movies i had watched, when aliens or just anyone had to come down from the space, such lights would appear to lighten up the way and announce the coming and all.
Btw....i have this card twice....just a few posts before i was talking about this double card issue...when i got it for the second time, of course, a small shadow of disappointment ran over me...but then i saw the stamp (the second one here) and i was WOW...finally i got it :) And i got both of the cards in tags, which still means a lot, knowing that people DO care to fulfill my wishlist :)

this stamp was issued in 2007 and comes from a set of 2 depicting Fine Arts, Classical Architecture, with Antiques as subject
and this other AWESOME stamp which i know many of you know by know, is that famous 3D stamp with the guy on skis who moves down the mountain if you move the stamp back and forth. It was issued in 2008 and comes from a set of 4 depicting Winter Sports, with this one in particular showing Alpine Skiing. It is also self-adhesive (of course)

hmmm, ok...i need to check on the washing machine and do at least a bit of the reading i have to do....thanks for reading!

till next time...

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