Thursday, September 3, 2009

Corfu, Greece

Something from my nearest neighbourhood.
I got this card from a friend who went there this summer...actually, when he said he was going to Corfu, i of course asked him to send me a postcard...and as with the majority of my friends here, he said he was gonna bring me one and give it to me...i didnt complain of course, coz its the thought that counts after all...but then he saw this blog...and he was fascinated...and he said he was gonna definitely send me a card since now he knew why i so much love postcards and why i would love them sent, instead of being given to me :D
And in case he ever reads this, i just wanna say a huuuuuuuugeeee Thank You again!
Coz you know....i have a whole bunch of Greek cards, but 98%  of them are blank (either i have bought them or my mum bought them, or are from my late grandmother...). So written and stamped Greek cards are a rarity in my collection, so thats why this card is something i really treasure!
And another thing very worth know this issue we are having with Greece and their FYROM persistence and all..when addressing the card, my friend wrote R. Macedonia instead of FYROM...and to my awe, the card arrived without ANY single reactions by the general, they would cross out Macedonia and write has happened to me before...and ones some of the nationalistic postal workers even added on a postcard "Macedonia is Greek" when it comes to them, i would expect just anything...but this time i got a card, sent from Greece, which said Macedonia....its really really unbelievable!
It would be really nice if they actually stopped all the fuss they are making in general and just back off and mind their own business....
Oh yeah...and those dolphins are just too cute :P
Im still curious though to get an official card from Greece :)

The stamp comes from a set of 6 issued in May this year under the subject of Greek monuments of World cultural Heritage .

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Anastasia said...

I love this card! I'd love to visit Kerkira one day. Honestly, i want to visit all greek islands..hehe, at least the bigger ones :)

about "Macedonia is Greek", it sounds soooo ridiculous to me! wow...