Monday, August 17, 2009


Ive been getting some really nice official cards lately and this one aint an exception...a map card! Coming from Sweden! Jack Pot!

And its such a lovely map...just my kind, colourful and picturesque! And this one is also happy...just look at that smiling sun :D
Uhmm, well...Sweden is a bit more 'up' not lying down at such an angle, but i think that this is like seeing Sweden from a different angle perspective so thats why it seems like this.
The subtitle "Midnattssolens Rike" means "The Land/Country of the Midnight Sun"
I still wonder why such a lack of Swedish postcards in my collection...or now that ive mentioned it, Danish as well. As for Norwegian...well, i must say that ive been lucky lately about it...just in the past few days i received TWO Norwegian cards...both very lovely...and i know some others are on my way im wohoo happy!
Speaking of my mum told me how she has this colleague whose daughter was on post-grad studies in Norway, and how its the country which pays an entire scholarship for it...and then comes one of the things i hate to hear "Why cant YOU do something about it and go?" ...well, coz i just CANT...if it was that simple i would have been a Norwegian or Mexican citizen time ago...but im stiiiiil stuck here...

and two lovely stamps...where the right one is Pipi Longstockings!! And i Love Pipi! It was issued in 2007 at a set of 4 stamps, with the primary theme called Mankind (Children), and here you can see Pipi baking :)
The stamp on the left is from a set of 4 stamps, issued in 2004, under the subject of Regional Houses, where this one is depicting a Scanian Farm House.

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