Monday, August 17, 2009


A great card! Not only coz it shows a cat which looks like Kimi, but coz it was sent from one of the Postcrossing meetings!

The card is from the Portuguese meeting which happened in Coimbra, on 31st May. And they thought of me, for which im really happy! As you can see, they had all signed the thats why i wanted to show it to you, i thought its what mattered a lot to the postcard...i think that i know most of the people there :)
There is a huuge meeting coming Helsinki...and its gonna last for 3 days....and i so much wish i could sure they'll have loads of fun coz apart from writing postcards, they're gonna have some nice excursions and well at some of the Finnish places....uhmm, i hope there will be at least someone at that meeting who will think of me and send me a card....i would really like to have one, from this probably biggest meeting so far! 
As far as this card is concerned, i think that it's Marta's fault why i have it...well, its her signature on my address at least ;)

They used a very nice stamp as well, issued in February 2009. It comes from a set of 7 stamps total, called Bicentenary of Charles Darwin's Birth 1809-2009.

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