Monday, August 17, 2009

San Juan, Puerto Rico

As for our last stop today, ill take you to San Juan in Puerto Rico.

Lately ive been trying to get back to the 4 postcards per update. Of course, it takes a bit more time then when doing 3 cards, but i really think i should get back on track with all the posting...and for that i need to post more cards. Well, 5 per update is a bit overestimating ill just stick to 4 whenever possible...3 aint bad either...better 3 than none...but if i can manage 3, then i can manage 4 so...

here you have a view of Condado area in foreground and Isla Verde and airport in the background...and im still trying to figure out where the airport is actually..its a bit foggy in the back there :)
However, Isla Verde actually belongs to the city of Carolina, and the airport as well, even though many people mistakenly associate it to San Juan...well, thats how i understood it at first as well.
While as for El Condado, it does belong to San Juan :)
Im already familiar with the Simpsons stamps...but the others caught my attention, esp. the star one, since i dont recall i have seen it before.
This 3-cent "make up rate" stamp was first issued in June 2002 and features a star highlighted in red, white and blue. As for the small stamp at the bottom... it is a full pane of 20 2–cent Navajo Necklace definitive stamps.

This stamp features artist Lou Nolan's painted detail of a Navajo silver and turquoise necklace with sand-cast squash blossoms set with polished blue turquoise nuggets. Nolan based his painting on a photograph by Peter T. Furst. The necklace itself belongs to a private collector and is believed to have been made sometime during the 1940s or 1950s.

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