Thursday, July 16, 2009

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Well, good day to everyone....and regardless how unbelievable it is to you, this IS indeed a Mexican postcard, written and stamped and addressed to ME!!! Sounds surreal, no? Yeah, to me too...especially since i got this card as a total surprise sent by Glenn's son, since Glenn had asked him to send me a postcard. Muchas gracias to both of them :)

well, after so much whining about how much i want/need to have a postcard from Mexico, i think that i should finally shut up and dont annoy you with it anymore (which doesnt mean im putting a ban on Mexican postcards, no no no...:)))
hmmmm...I know many of you had probably been wondering why so much persistence on Mexico, when all the time i was saying that my favourite country in the world is Norway, followed by Iceland and so....and Mexico is not only on a total different side of the continent, but is totally different in many aspects as well, starting from the have a literal cold-hot extreme here....well, just as i love Nordic mythology, i respect Mexican history a lot, and i really think its fascinating, but the real itch for the Mexican postcard(s) is far more sentimental and deep, since, well, Mexico is my undestined future-home-to-be. Unfortunately, if i take a look at the current situation (and look back to it as well), im pretty doomed to end up living somewhere else, and have Mexico remained as something to keep longing for or something to haunt me as a memory....but well, the Macedonia-Mexico relations have pretty much deteriorated lately, or better say, they have been like that for a long long time...well, 20000 km arent easy to manage, so its no surprise.
Who is to blame? I dont know...putting blames doesnt solve things nor makes one feel better....its just how it is and i guess one has to accept it.
The ironic part regarding is ironic indeed to have someone live in Mexico and yet that someone never sends you a single postcard, even though he knows how much you love them.
But well, here is my Mexican postcard i so much longed for, and honestly, having it brings me some weird peace of mind...cant explain it.
Well, i think that now, the puzzle got a bit solved to you and has filled in many of those missing places where you were wondering, why the hell she so much cries for a Mexican you know.

And here come the stamps which are really nice. I just need to tell you something regarding the Mexican Postal service...Glenn told me that his son was in Mexico in April, but if you take a look at the stamps, they are postmarked June...where has it been in the meantime, no one knows, but im more than glad that it arrived they say it, better late than never ;)
There is just something that confuses me about the stamps. As you can see, they have the date of 2008, but when i searched for the info, it said that they were issued in 2005, with the 2005 date on im not really sure where im heading to here, and if this is some sort of re-issue, or something else.
However, both of the stamps belong to a set of 18 of Fine Arts, depicting Handicrafts, where the one on the left shows a Tin Cockerel (Sculpture) while the one on the right shows a Vase (Ceramic and Glass).
Thanks again a lot to Glenn and his son for this extra special postcard!

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