Thursday, July 16, 2009

Minnesota, USA

The thoughtfulness of people sending official cards and sending me something which perfectly fits into my wishlist and of course, increases the number of map cards i have!


No Facts and Figures on the back of the card....there are some on the front, in case you can manage to read them.
here is what it says:
- State Flower: Moccasin Flower  (first time i hear about it...)
- State Capital: St. Paul (im honestly AWFUL with the US-capitals issue)
- Motto: State of the North

Well, not much info given here, except that it also says its the Land of 10,000 Lakes. Thats something fascinating. But I have to say that my knowledge about Minnesota is really ignorant...the only times i actually come across it, is when sometimes i happen to hear on the news something about NBA and they mention something about the team.
Hmm, ive found some nice facts about Minnesota, but id rather spare them for some other time, in case i receive another different Minnesota map card, which would have those on the back.

I think ive already mentioned some of these stamps here, but this time i think that the one in the top right corner is worth mentioning, especially since it shows Alaska :)
Its a really nice stamp, issued in 2001, coming from the Scenic American Landscape-series, featuring Mt. McKinley.

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