Friday, July 17, 2009

Opening the doors towards the world...and Happy PFF! :)

Well, as many of you already know, Friday is PFF reserved, and im usually trying my best to squeeze in as well and dedicate a post to after some time, here comes another Friday on this blog, dedicated to doors this time (not the band, sorry :P), coz  i think that hey have a pretty symbolic meaning.
Just as the sender of this card (Ana) wrote on the back, i wholeheartedly agree...sending and receiving letters and postcards has opened so many doors to the rest of the world. Each person you get to know, shows you the path to a different door, behind which there is a whole new world to explore, a whole lot of new things to learn about...not just about culture, history, religion, but to get to know a whole new person as well, since each human being is a world, different from the rest of the 6+ billion people inhabiting this planet.
There are ALL sorts of doors that you can open...big ones, small ones, some are very modest, some look very fashionable, some are easily opened and let you inside their world with no problems, some are more stubborn and take their time before they decide to give you the key to their world, some are determined to remain unopened forever, and some unfortunately have lost their key and seem to be lost and forgotten by everyone else...though if you blow the dust from them, im pretty sure you'll find another fascinating world to get into.
Im really thankful to all those people out there for giving me the chance to have a peek behind their door and take a look inside their unique worlds....with each world i get to learn about, i feel richer as a person, and honestly, happier.

Happy PFF and Happy Belated Birthday to Postcrossing as well! It surely has opened way too many doors for me, from all sizes, shapes, kinds....and after blowing the candles and having a slice of cake, go to Marie's for the other interesting PFF entries :)


Miss_Yves said...

Great idea and beautiful photos !

Debby said...

Love this card, thanks for sharing.

Kate said...

Thanks to your visit to my Minnesota blog and your comments about the state. I would like to open one of these doors for you and invite you to visit my visualstpaul photo blog to give you even more information this area about which you said you know so little. Minnesota is great in the summer, but pretty darn cold in the winter which is why we have been spending those months in Mazatlan Mexico (Visit that blog of mine, too.) You have posted some wonderfully interesting cards on your site. Have a good week-end. Kate

Beth Niquette said...

Wonderful Postcard! Very clear and colorful.

Happy PFF!

Sheila said...

That is a fantastic card, and one that fits the sentiments so very well.

Ana, please don't worry about the card you sent. It may well be waiting for me when I return to that address. I am in England for the summer.

Postcardy said...

That is an interesting way to think about doors.

steviewren said...

Blogging has opened doors for me in countries I may never visit and I've met people that I wouldn't have otherwise.

Happy PFF!

TattingChic said...

It's true! I feel like I am "viewing the world" from my living room couch on my laptop, LOL!