Sunday, July 19, 2009

Kemi, Finland

Well, i coudlnt take it anymore and had to cool myself somehow and had to post this snowy snowy card....its just getting too hot here, and im getting frustrated with it...i just cant and dont function in such heat...i idle and do nothing smart all day long...there are so many things i need to do, but for some reason im getting apathetic again, and just dont feel like doing anything...i often think that i really need to move out from here...i dont know where, no one guarantees that its gonna be different and ill feel much better, but on the other hand, i feel like i need that change in my life...and that i need to be away from a certain number of things and people that surround me here...boy, this sounded so xenophobic! But well, dont most probably doesnt refer to you, since that  number of people doesnt really read least i think so :)

This is Kemi...a small city in Finland, located in Lapland. One of the things this small town is famous for, is that it actually claims to be the home of world's largest snow castle (reconstructed every year with a different architecture). You can see it on the bottom left picture.
I love those snow/ice sculptures people make...sand as well, but i think that ice and snow are much more delicate since they have the ability to to be able to make an object of snow or ice, which wont change its shape, is really fascinating to me, and due to the characteristics of the ice, they always just look magnificent...
In the Kemi castle you also have a restaurant, a hotel and a pretty sure that its a feeling one of a kind to be the guest of such a hotel and to eat in that restaurant...something which i would love love love to visit one day! I dont really know how all that snow endures the lights and how they have the heating issue solved....but you know, i think im gonna tell you all about it one day, from the face of the place :)

and here is my favourite Kimi stamp....this is funny though, a Kemi card with a Kimi stamp...Kemi - Kimi, Kimi - Kemi......hehehehehehehehheee!!!

ok, im off to another attempt to clean my room....lets see how far i get this time...

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