Sunday, July 19, 2009

Doha, Qatar

Lets start the day with showing off a new country in my collection...from where i actually now have 3 postcards, not just one...its insane, isnt it :) Though i wouldnt mind if for all my newly received countries, i end up getting one more postcard from there...i can never get enough of postcards in the first place.

i think i have a particular short story to share with you, when it comes to Qatar, but ill leave it for another Qatar postcard, since this one already depicts something particular, and i dont wanna bother you with information that dont really belong here, though its nothing surprising for me to do it :)The card shows "The Ardah" which is a traditional dance related to the Saudi Folk Music, performed by men on some festive occasion in Doha, the capital of Qatar, and they are also dressed in traditional clothes. The the thing they wear on the head is only used in Qatar, while other colours and designs are worn in UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Kuwait and Bahrain.
As you may know, traditional dances and clothes have never really been my strong side, though i think that many of them are a real state of art and i really dont give them the credit they deserve to get. And probably if i start talking about them, i would just end up in some dead-end street due to my unfamiliarity with it...but now this makes me thing how i would like to actually put cards of this kind on my wishlist too...they surely get to teach you a lot!
I would like to show you some videos i came across regarding you can see, the sword is the crucial element of this dance.

did you happen to notice some intruders in the videos?

and getting down to the stamp...which i have to say is some special sort of favourite to me, due to that 'missent' stamp on it :))  I know many of you may hate to get such a 'ruined' stamp but for some reason, it has a great value of me and makes it just unique :)
I dont know how my card managed to get to Indonesia first, there is not much of a resemblance between Macedonia and Indonesia, except for the last two letters, but i hope it has enjoyed its stay while being there...
The stamp was issued in 1998 and belongs to a set of 20 stamps, on the subject of Insects. This here is a Rufous Bombardier Beetle...

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