Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Cape Bonavista, Canada

This last card today comes from Glenn...it came along with that huuuuuge envelope with all those rare countries! And its a really lovely lighthouse....and i ESPECIALLY love the dark skies on the picture...brings such a thrill and some unique atmosphere...you can just feel the breeze and the rain coming...wish we had rain coming here as well btw. I also really love the contrast of white against the dark gloomy sky...it has always fascinated me, and sometimes i see it here as well...white buildings against it...or white birds flying in the sky....it has some special touch of colours when those two get together...

The Cape Bonavista lighthouse was built in 1843 using the lamps and reflectors from the Bell Rock Lighthouse in Scotland.The lighthouse was replaced by a steel tower in 1966 and the original lighthouse has been turned into a museum. It is believed that this is where John Cabot sailed into in 1497 and discovered Newfoundland.
Now im was thinking something, and i realized that i actually didnt see a lighthouse while in Montenegro....i dont know if its coz there wasnt any, or coz i just didnt notice it...hmm, now i feel like going there immediately to find out....yeah yeah, i know...excuses excuses :P

and here comes a part which i personally consider breathtaking...the stamps!! There are 6 different stamps used on this envelope, one more beautiful than the other! This envelope definitely enters in my top favourite ones ever! I can just keep staring and staring at it, and i dont know why, but looking at it calms me down! I dont know if its coz of the colours or the pictures, but it certainly has a positive effect upon my complicated complex mind.
I wont go into details about each and everyone....i honestly just want to enjoy them :)
Thanks Glenn, for the millionth of time! :)

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Miss_Yves said...

Beautiful lighthouse and nice stamps !