Monday, May 25, 2009

Trenčin, Slovakia

Here comes a card from Slovakia...i think its been a while since i had posted one...

Trenčin is a city in Western Slovakia, near the border with the Czech Republic. The site of Trenčín has been inhabited since time immemorial. Trenčín Castle, a typical medieval fortified castle is situated high on a rock above the city. Trenčín is best known for a Roman inscription on the rock below the Trenčin castle, dating from 179 AD, the era of the Macromannic Wars. The castle is the third-largest castle in Slovakia. And you can actually see the castle on the card. From what i could comprehend from the back of the card, on the bottom line, the two small pictures in the middle show, the Hotel Tatra (the left picture) and a Synagogue(the picture on the right).

this is one of the cards i received time ago with many others in an envelope, so now i can actually show you the stamps that are on the envelope.
The stamp in the middle is from 2008, from a series called "Personalities", showing Eugen Suchon.who was a Slovak composer, pedagogue and theorist,one of the most notable members of the founding generation of the Slovak ‘modernist’ movement in music.
The stamp on the left is from 2007, called, Museum's Treasury - The Gospel Book of Nitra.
As for the two small stamps on the left....they are definitives from 1993, called Dubnica nad Vahom.

Yay! I managed the update today!!

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