Monday, May 25, 2009


Here comes Garfield....and his teddy bear :) The text on the card actually says "You are my hug-bear". Doesnt it feel rather odd that Garfield can show affection towards something that is actually NOT food?

Something special regarding this card? I received it from someone who is also in the field of translation and who is also a huge Placebo fan....i dont get everyday to meet by chance people who share such things with me...and who actually feel the music the same way i do :)

Well, i wouldnt talk about Garfield again, just share with you some fun stuff, as usual...enjoy :)

The Garfield head is actually a drawing on the back of the card, which i thought was really neat so i had to include it along with the stamp.
As for the stamp....i think i have told you that i love Finnish stamps for a number of reasons....and hence i love Finnish postcards as well...
The stamp is from a 2009 issue from a series depicting national parks, showing different aspects of the nature and the seasons of the year. On the stamp you can see the Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park, where you can admire the winter scenery of  Western Lapland, fells, untouched forests and marshes. The photo shows the fells of Pallas, Taivaskero, Pyhäkero and Laukukero.

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