Saturday, May 23, 2009

Dudipatsar Lake, Pakistan

Mmmm......snow....i would kill for bits of it right now...its over 30 degrees outside and its just May....I really hate the hot weather in Skopje, coz it feels unbearable...its not just hot...its tough to breathe and makes you feel weak...yesterday i had to do some stuff and had to walk/cycle....when i eventually got back home i was so exhausted of it that i crashed down to sleep at 8pm....and woke up sometime around 11pm....which of course resulted in a total deviation of my sleeping biorhythm, as if it wasnt already too messed up...argh, i dont wanna predict the summer...sometimes it can actually drastically change and be cool....but i recall days and weeks of 50 degrees when you just really cant do anything....dont come here in summer...really!

Ive already posted another card from Pakistan some time ago, which also shows the Kaghan Valley but from some different aspect.
I have to say that this card has one of the loveliest images ive seen.....and proves how poor my knowledge of Pakistan is...well, my knowledge is poor on any near/middle east countries. Thats mainly coz of the media, and the daily dosage of news where they'd show dusty streets with people fighting/shooting/throwing bombs....they'd talk (and still do) about self-suicidal bombing attacks...Casualties....military troops etc etc. So from all that i wasnt really able to grasp the 'other side' of these places but thanks to postcards, i have the chance to do so, and i apologize for all my ignorance regarding any place in the anxiously trying to change all that, one step at a time...
Kaghan Valley is renowned for its countless glistening jade lakes, but the gem of gems in this treasury of natural jewels is Dudipatsar Lake. Boasting a height of 3,800 metres, the lake offers peace and tranquility in July, with its waters reflecting the ring of ice-encrusted guardian peaks. Dudipatsar lies 18km to the east of Besal, a settlement in the Upper Kaghan Valley.

There are 3 stamps used on the card. The first one was issued in 2005, and belongs to a set of 2 stamps commemorating the 50 years of IBA (Institute of Business Administration). The stamp next to it was issued in 1994, 1 of a set of 12 featuring Mohammed Ali Jinnah, while the stamp at the bottom features Nishan-E-Haider which is highest military award given in Pakistan, and the youngest of its recipients, Rashid Minhas Shaheed, a pilot officer. This stamp was issued in September, 2003.


imajica said...

oooohhhh thats a heavenly place to be in!! :)

Be Pakistan said...

No doubt, Pakistan has got many such places like heavens on earth. And one of these places is Dudipatsar Lake. Always great to be in places like this.

Cheema said...

Hi Ana!
Its Cheema here.
Its so lovely to see such a nice post written on one of the postcards sent by me. Thanks for making my day BRIGHT. :)))

Media definitely portrays a much worse picture. I hope and pray from God that the situation becomes better and all of us can live with peace in this God's Green Earth.

Pakistan is definitely one of the most beautiful countries of the world with peaks as high as K-2 - the 2nd highest peak in the world.

The lush green valleys and magnificent landscapes can also be seen easily. But above all, it is said that "Beauty lies in the eyes of the person who watches the scenery".

I uploaded some pictures of the winter season in Kaghan/ Naran Valley and Gilgit on my blog in March 09. I am sure you will love them. They can be reached in the March posts at

Stay Happy and Best Regards