Monday, May 25, 2009

Shanghai, China

Well, after a dreadful Sunday, having to spend it in bed mostly, i think im finally getting back on track a bit....except that i just feel really weak, and tired....i hope ill manage to make this update...


Here is a really nice official Chinese card, called the Morning Melody of Shanghai. It says that The morning  of the developing Shanghai, whose melody is a variation overflowing with vigour and magnificence, has been the most passional overture of the urban symphony.

Here are some more vivid descriptions regarding the Shanghai melodies....its longish, but i really think its worth the read...and see Shanghai in some different aspect...

- Underground and stage
Every morning in the subway station, the train roaring in and speeding away in the rush hours; the train doors open slowly with sharp sound of the brake, throng in the train rush out, while the crowd on the platform try their best to get in. The horn in the station constantly broadcasting: “crowded, passengers who can not get on, please wait for the next one." But the doors of the crowded train still cannot be closed. The steward on the platform is yelling “get in, get in” at the same time try his best to help the passenger get into the carriage, then the door gradually close with tootle sound of the train.  The crowded subway carriage shows the fast rhythm of Shanghai in another aspect; get into the crowded carriage, moving forward with the roaring train, this is one portraiture for the development of Shanghainese. Many people can not give up the crowded and busy carriage, the sound people crushing into the train from the platforms becomes an usual sound to many people.

- The Bell in Old Drong
Old drong is one characteristic of Shanghai, where some aged men live; the ringing from the old drong has been a warning from the residents committee to remind people close their doors, windows and gas for decades. This sound makes people feel warm, full of local distinctive cultural characteristic

- The Sound of Heaven
When taking a walk in the Shanghai street, shopping with such beautiful music, seems that it is in one fantastic city, when the tension in your body gets released, and you enjoy the fun of walking in the streets in Shanghai.

- The Sound of History in the city
Occasionally we can hear some old Shanghai songs in the streets, whose music sounds warm and familiar. This sound is unique Shanghai’s characteristic from which more people know Shanghai. You can hear the history of Shanghai from the sound, some of which is worth preserving and valuable.

Regarding the, i never thought it would be this difficult to actually find info about the Chinese stamps. I really should have taken that Chinese course at least i would have had some basic knowledge and could have identified whats written on the this, the job is much harder to do.
The stamp on the left is from a set of two, issued in 2007, called, the Special Stamp for New i guess it says "Happy New Year" on it, or i might be just rambling...i dont know.
The other stamp was issued in 1997 and belongs to a set of 6, called Maiji Grottoes. The one here in particular represents the Xieshi Bodhisattva.

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Dani said...

еј дете ...ти ги гледав разгледниците од кина и ме бендиса оваа (сите ги бендисав додуша)и ...и

најверојатно ЧАјна ХИР АЈ КАМ!!!!!!! (чекам кинезите од амбасада да ме бараат за виза-ама јас се видов на списокот на стипендистите) јеее јеееее...

не знам каде ке бидам, аплицирав пекинг и шангај...сакам пекинг ама еве некако тука си го избрав шангај, па си викам ..хмм..бев у шангај. град на модерни градби сплотени со (сиромаштијата)и нечистотијата на кинезите...;)

бај д уеј, пакувајќи ги стварите од станот, наидов на разгледниците и те чекаат (кина, јапонија, кореа)..секако ќе добиеш и posted and stamped од таму..
ајде на некоја вожња...или коктел..ммм...