Saturday, May 23, 2009

A curious lurking cat

Here comes a card from one of the RR's from Ksenia ...a Kimi look-a-like :))) Just lovely!

I honestly didnt expect at all to receive this kind of a card for the RR but when i saw it, I was more than pleasantly know how much i love cards with a cat that looks like this....moreover, its exactly how Kimi looks like when he would climb on the terrace of my parents' bedroom, and observes whats going on down there. with his head half outside. I often wonder if he will ever get the urge to jump....
Next weekend there is some sort of an event at the city centre, where they will be giving homeless cats and dogs for adoption...its all astray animals who have been picked up from the streets and who have indeed been vaccinated, and now they are just looking for a cosy home. I really want to go and take a look...problem is, both my mum and I fear that we wouldnt resist it, and would come back with some creature...and then we will have a problem since Kimi is not really fond of other cats around and doesnt know how to fight for his territory and actually lets other cats eat his food or sit at his own place while he observes from afar....a really really stupid cat...regardless how much i dont want to admit it, he is.
Well, i dont know....we are already accommodating and feeding a bunch of neighbours' more or less, whats the difference...though i would prefer to take a puppy.....but lets not get my hopes too high...

Ksenia used a stamp issued in 2001, from a series called Polish Mansion houses (a set of two stamps). The interior of these houses is transformed into museums. The one used here shows a late Baroque wooden mansion house reconstructed at the beginning of the 20th century which at the present is the seat of the Museum Castle in Janowiec on the Vistula River.  

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